Saturday 14 July 2012

teakha Before What It Is

Lined with some of the coolest shops in town, Tung Street + Tai Ping Shan Street is my favourite neighbourhood in HK next to Star Street Precinct. Though its location is rather inconvenient, the cheap and chic tableware at Loveramics gives me the reason to drop by every now and then. The opening of teakha earlier this year has provided me with yet another incentive to travel all the way to this secluded spot in Sheung Wan. With its range of homemade baked goods and specialty teas, this quaint little cafe plus zakka store has received rave reviews from local tea lovers. 

teakha may be one of the newest members to the locality but it's hardly new in the foodie community. It was actually born more than a year ago, in Ship Street, in the form of a pop-up stall. :)

I adore pop-up retail. It's about surprise, experiment, fun, and exclusivity - what's not to love? ;) Unlike many designer pop-up stores that use limited edition goods to stir up competitions among customers and gain media attention, teakha - at least to me - was a low-profile stall about sharing and peace. Without massive promotions, it attracted a small crowd in the know that was truly enthusiastic about food and tea. The atmosphere was casual and laid-back, perfect for chit-chat or serious discussion about food among customers, or with the friendly stall owner Nana

Nana was responsible for everything at teakha - from brewing specialty teas to answering questions from customers intrigued by her project. I had been following Nana's blog for some time before visiting teakha (and finding out that Nana is actually my friend Eric's friend!). She impressed me as someone who was  artistic, adventurous, and passionate about cooking. And when I finally got to visit teakha, every bit of teakha - whether it's the beautiful piece of cloth that lined the box of scones, the experimental menu featuring original recipes with an Asian touch, or its pop-up nature - told me that my impression was probably right. ;)

The simple menu

Tea in brewing. Love this hammered copper pot! :) 

In Eric's hands: milk teas flavoured with red dates + honey and brown sugar + ginger honey respectively. Full-bodied, creamy, nectarous and hot, they made perfect beverages for a chilly winter afternoon. :9

Buttery homemade scones by Nana! They had a unique chewy texture that was surprisingly likeable. It would be even nicer if they were served warm, but of course we wouldn't complain given it's only a pop-up stall! 

I feel happy for Nana that she has finally found a permanent home for teakha. I loved it when it was a tea stall. I gather that its delicious food, delectable tea, and other-worldly charm, have been preserved in its new home. Better yet, the menu has been expanded and now you can sit down to while away the afternoon with your favourite cake and tea. I am so going to visit teakha in the near future! Anyone going with me? ;)

teakha (website)
Shop B, 18 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Opening hours: 11:00am-6:00pm (Wed - Fri), 12:00pm-7pm (Sat & Sun)


  1. Love you blog.
    I recently discovered Tea-kha and met Nana. Her Chai tea (Masala) is so good and her pastries delicious.
    Thanks for sharing this info. Nice pics!

    1. Thanks very much for the kind comment, Christine! :) Yes Teakha is such a great find, I am going there again soon for their scone set!

      I love the recipes on your site! I have limited experience in cooking but they don't seem too difficult... so I will probably try them out some day. ;)