Saturday 11 May 2013

Vive Le French May!

It's May again, the time to indulge in French food. I've decided that today I will eat nothing but French food! 

Today begins with a cup of Betjemen & Barton's Une Journée à la Campagne. There will be crêpes for lunch and fine French food for dinner. :) Isn't that awesome? Though the need to do revision for the coming Japanese quiz does in some way ruin the French mood... 

Btw, I must thank Ysaurella, the loveliest French Steepsterite, for swapping teas with me! I sent her some of my Lupicia teas and received a generous amount of French teas (e.g. Mariage Frères, Betjemen & Barton, Dammann Frères) that can never be found in Hong Kong from her in return. Merci beaucoup! Sharing the love for tea with people around the world is one of the most beautiful things in life. :)

(Leave me a message if you are interested in swapping teas with me too!)

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