Wednesday 17 April 2013

Finally! I've got my Jimmy Choo Afternoon Tea gift!

Mystery unveiled: the complimentary gift included in Jimmy Choo Afternoon Tea is... a JIMMY CHOO NOTEBOOK! 

It's a pretty notebook (Did the cover look familiar? It shares the same pattern with the chocolate piece of tri-coloured shooter in the tea set!), but... I can't help wondering if this is the REAL gift. 

For the very first thing, MO Bar say a "gift set" is included in the price of afternoon tea, but a single notebook doesn't sound like a set to me. Second, based on my experience, the gifts in MO Bar's crossover tea sets have always been very substantial. For example, for their Marc Jacobs Splash Afternoon Tea in 2010, the gift was a hat box containing Marc Jacobs discount coupon for fragrances, as well as sample-size Marc Jacobs fragrances and body cream. Then for their Chloe-Inspired Afternoon Tea in the same year, I got a gift box generously packed with discount coupon for Chloe fragrance, Chloe EDP miniature, plus samples of Chloe perfumed bath cream, body cream scrub and body cream!! Not to mention the wonderful gift pack included in their Apivita Afternoon Tea (I may write about it later) last year - there were a whole box of beauty masks, a hand cream, plus a $500 spa certificate! 

Do you now understand my suspicion? I wonder if the Jimmy Choo notebook is only a consolation gift for walk-in guests... I believe that guests with reservation receive something more amazing!

Anyway, I am not a greedy person, and I am pleased that MO Bar have made efforts to source gifts for walk-in guests. I am just curious about what the real Jimmy Choo special gift is. Let me know if you are one of those lucky ones who got that... or simply laugh at my paranoia if my hunch is wrong! ;P


  1. Ooooooh I've been wanting to check this out! How was it?

    1. Hi the tea set was lovely! But if you haven't booked a table, it will be pretty troublesome to get a seat because it is too popular... :(

      You can see more pictures of the tea set here, if you haven't seen that already: