Sunday 1 December 2013

I am back... almost!

To those who still check out this blog: I AM STILL ALIVE!

Have been extremely busy over the past month as we have moved into a new home. Now the time I spend on commuting is almost a triple of that in the past, so that I am too tired to do anything more intellectual than Facebooking (or maybe reading Kinfolk, my latest obsession. Did you notice the Kinfolk-esque photo above? :P) on weekdays. I am happy that we are finally done with the last bit of home furnishing, which means there will at least be some time for blogging and tea-sipping on weekends again! 

Stay tuned for upcoming entries about my tea adventure in London! ;)


  1. Welcome back Devilish! I miss your entries so much! Please share more tea experience with me and all the tea fanatics :)

    Actually I am getting lazy in updating my blog too... Too little time to spare...

    Btw did you try the MO Bar x Laduree tea? I tried it and found it just so so and a bit over-priced and... not so much about Laduree... lol But the good thing is, they give the diners a nice Laduree key chain gift for every set, which worths $390!!!

    1. Hi Ivy!! I totally neglected my blog and was not aware of your comment! I am so sorry about the late reply!

      Yes I notice that you haven't updated your blog for a while too... sigh, wouldn't it be nice if there were 30 hours a day? I plan to write more this year but I do foresee that I will be busy in the coming months... >.< I look forward to your new post! Seeing other bloggers' new posts often give me the incentive to blog, I hope it's the same for you too :)

      Yes yes I have tried the Laduree afternoon tea! I would write about it later too. What about you also write about it in your blog? ;) I was quite happy about the food, although it's hardly their best. I agree that they should have more Laduree pastries! Btw I didn't know the keychain is so expensive!! :0

      Seriously, we should have tea together some day! :)

  2. Thanks for your encouragement! :) Not just that reading others’ new posts gives me some incentive to write, reading msgs left by other bloggers also helps. What’s more, meeting new friends (hehe so nice to meet you!!!) is also a gain in blogging :) I wish I can write more in 2014 too, and of course more and more afternoon teas!!! ;)

    Definitely! We should have tea together some day! Must be an enjoyable one:)))

    1. What a small world! I know Hubert and Hubert knows you! Really need to meet you up one day :)

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    1. Wow... good eye sight!! ;) Thanks for visiting by the way :)